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Townhouse Interior 

Repairs & Painting 2 colour scheme

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Recent job in Sydney area, three bedrooms townhouse, two colours scheme.

Colour Scheme:

Ceiling  - Vivid White

Doors and trims  - Vivid White

Walls - 

Bathroom - Natural White

IMG_6459 (Small)
IMG_6461 (Small)
IMG_6471 (Small)
IMG_6481 (Small)
IMG_6482 (Small)
IMG_6483 (Small)
IMG_6484 (Small)
IMG_6478 (Small)
IMG_6480 (Small)
IMG_6479 (Small)
IMG_6465 (Small)
IMG_6476 (Small)
IMG_6475 (Small)
IMG_6472 (Small)
IMG_6468 (Small)
IMG_6469 (Small)
IMG_6485 (Small)
IMG_6462 (Small)
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