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Exterior Painting

Wall, Eaves, Gutters, Entrance Door, Handrails

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Full Exterior Repainting in Alfords Point


Beautiful exterior job, a full repainting of Walls​, Eaves, Gutters, Entrance Door and Handrails.

Check the before and after.

Colour scheme:

Eaves, Entrance Door, Gutters, Handrails - All Black 


Walls - Ochre Sun - Matt

Job Completed
Original conditions
72 - Job finished after touch-ups
66 - Job finished
65 - Job finished
63 - job finished
62- Job finished
61 -Job finshed
Job Completed
Job Completed
Job Completed
Job Completed
Job Completed
59 - Downpipe painted - Job finish
60 - Job finished
58 - Downpipe painted - Job finish
54 - Downpipe painted - Job finish
57 - Gutters painted - Job finish
51 - Downpipe painted - Job finish
52 - Downpipe painted - Job finish
50 - Spray Walls and Eves
48 - Spray Walls and Eves
44 - Spray Walls and eves
45 - Spray Walls and Eves
43 - Spray Walls and Eves
40 - Spray Walls and Eves
37 - Masking
36r -Masking
36 - Masking
22-Original conditions
21-Original conditions
20-Original conditions
19-Original conditions
17-Original conditions
18-Original conditions
16-Original conditions
15-Original conditions
13-Original conditions
14-Original conditions
14s- Original Conditions
12-Original conditions
11-Original conditions
10-Original conditions
08-original conditions
09-Original conditions
08s-Original conditions
06-Original conditions
Original conditions
Original conditions
Original conditions
Original conditions
Original conditions
02-Original conditions
01-Original conditions
03-Original conditions
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