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Intercontinental Double Bay

Housekeeper Area

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Here an example of what mould and chemicals can do to your floors and walls.

The chemicals station just on the side corroded the floor and damaged the drywall.

The water overtime damaged the walls, detached the Tiles and created Mould all around the sink. Also, I installed new brackets to keep the sink more stable and robust.

Applied Waterproof paint with anti-mould and anti-mildew property, then used Wash n Wear Super tough 2 Pack as a top coat on walls, and Dulux Luxafloor LGE Epoxy paint on the floor that has chemicals resistant property. 

Colour Scheme:

Up Walls - Whisper White

Epoxy Floor Paint - Venetian red

Fixing sink supports
Installation Brackets
Installation Brackets
Broken Tiles Removed
damaged wall
damaged wall
Application Waterproofing
Installation Panel + Waterproofing
Top Coat Applied
Top Coats Applied
Top Coats Applied
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