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Studio Apartment

Repairs & Painting

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The Owner decided to give a fresh look to this little studio apartment that needed a lot of walls & ceiling repairs.

The client decided to have two feature walls, one in the kitchen and one in the middle wall that separate bedroom from the living room to give some colour around.

Also, repaint the doors "brush finish" of the bathroom and main entrance.

In the pictures, the sequence of some of the repairs that I've done, and the painting. 

Colour Scheme:

Ceiling and Walls - Stone Cream

Feature wall - Green Spike

Feature Wall - Sea Shepherd

Doors - Stone Cream

Ceiling Fan hole
Sanding Patch
Job Finished
Light Holes
Repairs + Undercoat
During application of new color
Job Finished - Stone Cream
Window Shelf - Wrong patching
Window Shelf - Missing Gap
Window Shelf - Wrong patching
Window Shelf - Repaired and painted
Entrance during Painting
Middle Wall - Before Painting
Middle Wall - During Painting
Middle Wall - Job Done
Middle Wall - Straight Cut
Feature Wall Done
Blue Feature Wall
Blue Wall - Straight Cut
Doors - Brush Finish
Doors - Brush Finish
Doors - Brush Finish
Kitchen walls - Job Done
Ceiling & Wall - Job Done
Ceiling - Job Done
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