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Restoration Drawer 

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Here just an example of restorations, this could be your kitchen, wardrobe or set of drawers.

In this case, the client asks to give new life to an old drawer that was left in the garage, the humidity and the age provide a terrible smell to the wood structure and also had two broken drawers.

The result, as you can see, turned out to be a revitalise funny colourful drawer to show in the living room.

Old Drawer
Sanding and repaired broken parts
Masking + Primer Stain Blocker
2 Top Coat - Natural White
Protective Clear Coating Applied
Sanding + Repair
Masking + Primer Stain Blocker
Application Color Top Coat
Removing Rust From Rings
Application Metal Primer
White Top Coat on the Rings
Final result with protective clear
Final result with protective clear
Client living room
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