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Deck Ceiling - Handrails 

Repairs & Painting

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Brand new pergola with handrail for this happy customer in Barden Ridge area.

Note: The strong wind of the night before broke a branch of a tree that damage one of the handrail, likely I was there to fix it.

Colour Scheme:

Ceiling - Vivid White

Handrails - Colourbond Basalt

IMG_8522 (Small)
IMG_8758 (Small)
IMG_8726 (Small)
IMG_8757 (Small)
IMG_8756 (Small)
IMG_8754 (Small)
IMG_8755 (Small)
IMG_8737 (Small)
IMG_8746 (Small)
IMG_8747 (Small)
IMG_8750 (Small)
IMG_8753 (Small)
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